Desert Biologicals was founded in 1995 in order to offer the highest quality reagents at affordable pricing for the biotechnology, research, vaccine and diagnostic industries. Desert Biologicals specializes in Bovine Albumins, Bovine Proteins, Human Proteins and Pancreatic Proteins for the manufacturing as well as the research communities.

Desert Biologicals offers a wide variety of Bovine Albumins and Bovine Proteins including: Transferrins, Immunogobulin, Fetuin, Aprotinin and Trypsins. Countries of origin include the United States, New Zealand, Australia and European Union certified products.

In 2010, Desert Biologicals opened its Research Division to provide essential solutions for private-sector and government research laboratories. Desert Biologicals Research Division core offerings include biochemicals, enzymes, acetone powders, reagents and specialty products.

Desert Biological's products meet not only your manufacturing needs, but comply with your regulatory requirements.

Desert Biologicals mission statement is simply to supply the highest quality products at affordable pricing along with our award winning customer service.

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