Catalog # 2845
Description Emulgen 911
Molecular Formula C9H19C6H4(OCH2CH2)mOH, n=11
Classification Polyoxyethylene nonyl phenol ether
Molecular Weight Approx. 696.09
Approx. 75-90 mol/l x 10-6
Appearance Light Yellow Liquid
Color (Alpha) 80 max.
pH 5.0- 7.0
Volatile Matters, % 1 % max.
Hydroxl Value mgKOH/g 78.0 - 83.0
Solubility Readily soluble in water, ethylene glycol and isopropyl alcohol; insoluble in mineral oil.
EMULGEN 911 forms a cloudy solution at 74"C 1" (2% aq. solution)
Characteristics Wetting agent and emulsion stabilizer.
The number of attached ethylene oxide groups is 11.

For research and investigational use only and not for drug, food, food additive or clinical use in humans. For use by qualified professionals only.

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