Catalog # 4515
Description Heart Acetone Powder, Mouse
Appearance Powder
Buffer None
Stabilizer None
Preservative None
Preparation Method Tissue powders are produced by washing the various organs repeatedly in saline to remove blood followed by multiple precipitations in acetone until all lipids is removed. Acetone is removed by desiccation.
Recommended Use Suitable for use as a specific adsorbent to remove unwanted reactivities or as a source material. Product provides a high nuclear content and is micronized to a fine powder.
Storage Conditions Store vial at 2 to 8 C prior to opening. No expiration date is given for this product if properly stored.
Strain Swiss-Webster
Sex Mixed

For research and investigational use only and not for drug, food, food additive or clinical use in humans. For use by qualified professionals only.

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