Catalog # 9517
Description Thymus Acetone Powder, Calf
This highly polymerized DNA is an excellent substrate for deoxyribonuclease. A sodium salt, it must be converted to magnesium form to be susceptible to DNase.
Procedure Thymus glands are collected from healthy bovine calves, (6-11 months of age, any breed, either sex) at the time of slaughter and frozen on dry ice within 30 minutes of death. Slaughter and collection occur at USDA inspected facilities from stock of US origin only. Thymus powder is prepared using an acetone dehydration method developed in our laboratory.
Assays Protein Concentration: The protein content is measured by the Sigma Protein assay method to be 35% of the dry weight.
Storage -20oC

For research and investigational use only and not for drug, food, food additive or clinical use in humans. For use by qualified professionals only.

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