BovoLep BSA product is a highly purified BSA product which has been fortified with a specially formulated 'cocktail' of non-animal, synthetic lipids for the enhanced growth of fastidious organisms such as Leptospira. This product has been shown to significantly enhance the growth of cultures through the availability of essential nutrients which are absent in highly purified BSA fractions.

BovoLep BSA has also been shown to significantly improve the performance of mammalian cells when used as an adjunct in culture media.

  • Hygienic plasma collection from USDA/EU approved abattoirs
  • Plasma collection uses a closed loop collection system
  • Only plasma of 100% Australian origin is used
  • Australia has the highest global animal disease free status
  • BSA is manufactured under strict GMP conditions
  • Heat shock process incorporating a viral inactivating agent
  • Proprietary technology supports a cost competitive product
  • Bulk lots reserved for specific customers upon negotiation
  • Variant BSA products can be manufactured upon request

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